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Incoming! – Mini Design Projects

Well…I’ve finished my degree in Industrial Design…

And i’ve found myself  job hunting! :O

So to continue being productive, I’ve decided to undertake some mini projects to do every week until i find one. Not only to kill the time, but hopefully projects that can enhance my design portfolio and get me making some cool stuff!

Watch this space!

Hey and if you like what you see and want to hire me…Don’t hesitate to contact me! Looking for work/internship in Sydney or the UK!

Mini Project 1: Redesign the Datsun 240z for 2014.



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Product Design Portfolio

After 3 revisions, i finally have a product design portfolio that i’m happy with! I would love some constructive criticism! Go for it!


Thanks in advance!!!

jpeg portfolio-01-01


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My other side

With a bit of time now up my sleeves, I feel it’s the perfect time to get back into some design sketching! Stay tuned! There’s a hell of a lot more on its way!


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Those times when i used to draw.

I keep saying to myself that I should start drawing stuff again. I used to draw, not take photos.

I do a course in Industrial Design. Some of you are probably wondering what the hell that means. And NO I do not design industries…the amount of times i’ve been asked that kills me.

Also known as product design, Industrial design encompasses the things we use everyday from cars to mobile phones, furniture, the list goes on. I like to make it simple and say Industrial designers design anything that can fit inside a house or office. We are NOT architects.

From a young age i’ve always loved cars and by year 8 I decided that i wanted to become a car designer. I wanted to bring what I loved – drawing, cars and art together with something practical that could make a difference to other people and that you could actually make a career from. Heaps of people at school asked if I wanted to be an artist as a career.

But I came to the conclusion that unless you are in the top 0.01% of artists….most of them don’t really get anywhere with anything… :/ awkward if you’re reading this and you’re an artist… But we’ll just assume you’re in that top 0.01%.

So, I love my art and design and to be honest I never EVER considered doing photography as something serious or something that i’d take a keen interest in.

But it seems the Asian Genes in me came out in 2011 when I started taking photos and editing them. And then January 2012 – Form&Function came around 🙂

So here are some old works from the first car proper attempted car drawing to recently – before the photography came around… I really need to get back to drawing….

The first proper car i tried to draw… Yr 7

I used to mod them as well. LOL

Runner Up in some Red Bull competition 🙂

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