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What if I told you one of my favourite captures is of a duck?


I absolutely love the colours from this shot. Only slight enhancements on this picture, a tighter crop and some contrast.

Shot at Lake Königssee, Bavaria, Germany.

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Looking Back

There’s nothing better than finally going through photos you took over a year ago…

I’ve been meaning to properly go through my shots from Europe since I was over there!

With my degree finally over, I thought now might be a good time to start.

…And what a mistake that was, all I want to do is go back! I’ve been really lucky to have the opportunity to visit some of the places I did on my semi-car pilgrimage into Germany. One place in particular is a ‘living’ museum on the outskirts of Berlin that was home to some of the rarest and iconic cars ever made.

The Classic Remise or ‘coach house’ in German.

I even had time to write an article about it! Watch this space, it’ll pop up either online or in print hopefully!


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