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The 24Hrs of Le Mans.

 24Hrs of Le Mans.

Another small snapshot of the Le Mans experience.

More images of Pre-Race preparations at http://wp.me/p27hoq-eZ

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Images: Jayson Fong (Form&FunctionIntl) for http://www.motorsportretro.com


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Emerging from the Darkness

Emerging from the darkness of the Metro into the center of Paris and seeing the Arc De Triumphe for the first time is a spectacular moment. In fact, it’s a spectacular moment everytime.

An absolute beast of a monument, it succeeds in making you feel incredibly insignificant.

Well Done France. You got the point across.





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Bloody Tourists.

Most European metro train lines are extremely easy to navigate. The best thing about them is the speed of services. There’s never really a time that you need to wait over 8 minutes for a train.

However, typical tourists hauling our suitcases around (Except Daniel and his stupidly small carry on bag) we managed to cause a huge delay for people trying to get out of the station for a good 5 minutes – and there were only 2 gates leading out…

Now not only did we fail to figure out how to get our train tickets into the gates, but when we finally did figure it out, our suitcases consistantly got stuck because they were too wide.

Bloody Tourists *facepalm*

Metro Tunnel

First sights of Paris


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You know you’re in Europe when…

You know you’re in Europe when there’s advertising like this.

They know how to capture a male audience that for sure.

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Train to Paris


From the Sky train we got to some station where we could catch a train into Paris.

We bought ourselves 3 day train passes and got on our way. Everything was already 197x (precisely) better in terms of architecture. Those awesome designs that you see in magazines and never actually being built in Sydney were actually built in Europe.

Sydney Architecture = Boring? 

Looking up


Not sure why I took this.


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So we got through customs and all the immigration without too much fuss, time to go find a train that would take us into the heart of Paris – and more importantly our apartment.

It’s funny –  that term “to set foot on (insert country name)’s soil” isn’t really that applicable anymore.

Looking back at these photos now, i just noticed how long it actually takes to find proper soil at all. I don’t think i can actually say that we set foot on french soil until….to be honest i’m not really sure! There isn’t much soil anymore in cities, it’s concrete, asphalt, steel and more concrete.

Skytrain to the French rail network

Light at the end of the tunnel

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Paris International – The Escalators

After passing through immigration, one of the first things we encountered that somehow came across as amazing was this assortment of escalators running through the centre of the terminal. It reminded me of those Harry Potter books/movies – The Moving Staircases?

Oh Luke, so eager to get into the photo!

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Bonjour – Arrival

APRIL 10, 2012

Yes after an entire day of travelling, it was still the 10th of April….Jet Laaagggggggggggggggggg.

After a good day of economy class seating, battleship, poker, complimentary red wine, orange juice and water. We had made it.

First glimpses of Europe for the trip.

Funny cause Gerard looks like he need to go to the bathroom really badly, Lorraine looks sleepy after just waking up (She slept for majority of the flight) and Kelsey looks Jolly. haha 🙂

Been in Europe for a few minutes and already some pretty exciting stuff already!

Stage 3 of Holiday Psychology had hit.

“Extreme anxiety and excitement for the holiday adventure upon arrival.”

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