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The 24Hrs of Le Mans.

 24Hrs of Le Mans.

Another small snapshot of the Le Mans experience.

More images of Pre-Race preparations at http://wp.me/p27hoq-eZ

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Images: Jayson Fong (Form&FunctionIntl) for http://www.motorsportretro.com


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Looking Back

There’s nothing better than finally going through photos you took over a year ago…

I’ve been meaning to properly go through my shots from Europe since I was over there!

With my degree finally over, I thought now might be a good time to start.

…And what a mistake that was, all I want to do is go back! I’ve been really lucky to have the opportunity to visit some of the places I did on my semi-car pilgrimage into Germany. One place in particular is a ‘living’ museum on the outskirts of Berlin that was home to some of the rarest and iconic cars ever made.

The Classic Remise or ‘coach house’ in German.

I even had time to write an article about it! Watch this space, it’ll pop up either online or in print hopefully!


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Those times when i used to draw.

I keep saying to myself that I should start drawing stuff again. I used to draw, not take photos.

I do a course in Industrial Design. Some of you are probably wondering what the hell that means. And NO I do not design industries…the amount of times i’ve been asked that kills me.

Also known as product design, Industrial design encompasses the things we use everyday from cars to mobile phones, furniture, the list goes on. I like to make it simple and say Industrial designers design anything that can fit inside a house or office. We are NOT architects.

From a young age i’ve always loved cars and by year 8 I decided that i wanted to become a car designer. I wanted to bring what I loved – drawing, cars and art together with something practical that could make a difference to other people and that you could actually make a career from. Heaps of people at school asked if I wanted to be an artist as a career.

But I came to the conclusion that unless you are in the top 0.01% of artists….most of them don’t really get anywhere with anything… :/ awkward if you’re reading this and you’re an artist… But we’ll just assume you’re in that top 0.01%.

So, I love my art and design and to be honest I never EVER considered doing photography as something serious or something that i’d take a keen interest in.

But it seems the Asian Genes in me came out in 2011 when I started taking photos and editing them. And then January 2012 – Form&Function came around 🙂

So here are some old works from the first car proper attempted car drawing to recently – before the photography came around… I really need to get back to drawing….

The first proper car i tried to draw… Yr 7

I used to mod them as well. LOL

Runner Up in some Red Bull competition 🙂

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You don’t need a widebody kit – it’s the subtle mods that make it yours.

One of the things that i love most about the cars and the culture surrounds it is definitely the variety that you see. People may have the same car – yet somehow they are all different. And it’s not just the fancy widebody kits, aftermarket rims – it’s the small subtle mods that make up a huge part of what makes each car so unique.

Whenever I do a shoot for a car, it’s the small things that i look for that really change the character of a car. And somehow, it’s those small mods that make a really big impression for me.

These small mods are usually simple – but it can alter the complete look of a car, from a tiny sticker to tinting.

On that note. Tinting. a commonly overlooked mod. it defines form and function. apart from making you less prone to sunburn while on your summer cruises, a car’s aesthetic can change from normal to badass.  If your car doesn’t already have it…it should be on your list at least.


*Yes i am aware that they are not the same car – forgive me.


(note)If your up for tinting – Show Us Your Tints is a fully mobile service that provides tinting at a properly affordable price…and they come to you…


So Here’s some other small mod examples that have stood out for me. Each tiny mod tells a story and leaves an impression.

I’m not saying don’t buy a widebody kit – i’m all for that.

Just know that whatever mod you make – it’s making your car yours. And in the end they’ll add up to make your car that much more unique.

And if you have a Jap car – each mod is probably making it more JDM yo 😉

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All About Stance/JDMST meet 12/2/12

After the last JDMST eomm in January – i’m not gonna lie. i was pretty pumped for the All About Stance meet happening in Feb.

What was different about the meet on the weekend (and it gets said at most meets) – was the variety of cars there. I expected the meet to consist of the standard S-chassis’s (which there were) and Evo’s but what i didn’t expect was a Lancia Monte Carlo,a Ferrari, a NOS filled GTR and a few VW buggies.

Some of the cars that turned up couldn’t be more different. But one thing was certain that they all looked great.

The quality of the cars reminded me of pictures that most of us see from the hellaflush scene in the States. I felt like i was in California – The sun, the cars, the crowds. it was only missing a DJ.

The atmosphere was fantastic. Despite getting sunburnt, the crowd enjoyed a rich variety of cars, huffy sliders,drift RC cars and the shade.

In conclusion – all i can say is that Sydney’s game has lifted! Make sure you come and check out the quality of vehicles in the flesh at the next meet. Pictures are only pictures. You gotta be there to experience it 🙂

Full photo albums at my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/formnfunction

and my flikr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/66356745@N02/sets/72157629292792081/

Oh and my snap for the day?This one fsho.

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Old School’s Cool. Always.

I work in Ultimo, about 2 blocks from the UTS tower building. I do my degree at UTS. Going to work has been like going to uni for the last 2 months. ERGH.

There has been one thing that makes up for the continual return to the underworld. That’s the amount of cars that I get to see doing Mainies up and down Harris St.  ranging from exotics (spotted RED lamborghini contach) to your rexxies and Gtr’s. It’s all win when you hear the sound from about 200m away down the road.

Today though I was taken back at the sight of a classic. The original E28 BMW M5 riding on e39 M5 rims. Kinda like your grandparents wearing AirForce 1’s. So damn Cool.

The first super saloon was a wolf in sheep’s clothing for sure. But the subtle cues to it’s status and ability make it even more awesome.

Old cars are cool. I think it’s the character they seem to evoke from the dents and scratches to rusted  panels. Following from yesterday’s post…they look like they’ve been alive and have aged. The rust and dents reflecting on the hard times. Simply search up ‘rat rod’ and you’ll get a whole bunch of images of great looking character cars. And since there’s a BMW already on this post, here’s another (one of my favourites):

and pretty much opposite there was another awesome old car:

After having a flick through a retro special magazine a while back, i handed it over to my dad (who often steals piles of my magazines). we made a deal whilst looking at the the Hokosuka Skyline Gtr replica – when i get my own place with a garage and flat area – we’ll buy something old and broken. and we’ll fix it. At that moment i wanted to move out right there and then.

I can’t describe my dad anything less than inspirational. If anyone ever asks why i like cars so much – ask no further. the list of car’s he has owned is extensive, one that has slowly upgraded through the years and hopefully something i’ll be able to achieve in the future as well. His journey started with a 2 Speed Corolla. Win.

It grew to include (just a few that i actually remember):

– Datsun 1600


– BMW E30 325is

– Honda Prelude

– BMW 540i M sport

and currently a BMW E60 M5.

But in the end, he says nothing was more fun than the old cars. they had true feeling and connection between driver and car. And i will never forget the amount of people who would ask him how much he would sell the E30 for at traffic lights (this car was eventually stolen….by the guy who lived down the street….more on that story another time.)

old will always be cool.

in the meantime, i need to work on that moving out plan.

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Why we love our cars.

Most of us who love our cars have had at least one person ask “WHY U SPEND SO MUCH MONEY ON CAR!?” when you could spend it on normal things like food. or even more clever, save?

There’s only one answer.

We love our cars. we love to try and polish out that scratch for 10 minutes knowing full well it’ll most probably still be there after our efforts. We love knowing every inch of paintwork, every dent on every panel. We love driving.

We’ve all heard about car culture and car loving as a result of our vehicle’s reflecting a part of our personality or ‘character’.  I completely agree with that. I love my car because it looks the way I want it to, sounds they way I want it to and does exactly what I want when I want it, it reflects my styling tastes – sound familiar? (I’m really hoping people agree with this so I don’t sound like some sort of nutcase).

I decided to write this post cause I was thinking about the very subject today. Why do we spend sooooo much time and money on a blackhole for cash?

I was reminded of a book I bought years ago “How to Design Cars Like a Pro” .

Something i found really interesting though was in the foreword:

” What is it about the automobile that gives it such a special place in our hearts compared with all other products that form our everyday lives?

We do not share that special relationship with the cooker, the fridge or the lawn mower that we do with our cars. Why the difference?

It is simply, I believe because, as our personal means of transport, the car has become the substitute for the horse which, for thousands of years, was the only alternative to walking and as it was a living creature, the horse required certain commitments from us. We fed it, cleaned it and gave it somewhere warm to sleep for the night – which is exactly what we do with our cars…The popularity of the 5 spoke wheel….at reasonable speed…we still see the individual spokes, or ‘legs., moving and this increases the subconscious connection we make between the car and a product of nature.”

Maybe this is the answer then.


The common people are right – and we’re all just weird.

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