Pre-Race at the 24Hrs of Le Mans.

My actual website is well and truly in need of an overhaul.

However, since that is still underconstruction, I guess this will be the place to post a small gallery of my shots at the 2014 Le Mans 24Hr.

What an opportunity to shoot at an incredibly historically significant race track at one of THE motorsports events of the year.

Thankyou for the incredible experience of a lifetime!


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Pre-Race at the Le Mans 24hr:

 A snapshot of images from pre-race preparations.

Pit Straight



2014LM_atmosphere-15 2014LM_atmosphere-34 2014LM_atmosphere-36 2014LM_atmosphere-38 2014LM_atmosphere-39 2014LM_atmosphere-40 2014LM_atmosphere-41 2014LM_atmosphere-42 2014LM_atmosphere-43 2014LM_atmosphere-46 2014LM_atmosphere-47 2014LM_atmosphere-52



2014LM_atmosphere-25 2014LM_atmosphere-28 2014LM_atmosphere-33 2014LM_atmosphere-48 2014LM_atmosphere-51 2014LM_atmosphere-58 2014LM_atmosphere-76 2014LM_atmosphere-100 2014LM_atmosphere-107 2014LM_atmosphere-109 2014LM_atmosphere-123 2014LM_atmosphere-126 2014LM_atmosphere-129 2014LM_atmosphere-132


2014LM_atmosphere-31 2014LM_atmosphere-142 2014LM_atmosphere-143 2014LM_atmosphere-169 2014LM_atmosphere-173 2014LM_atmosphere-176 2014LM_atmosphere-185 2014LM_atmosphere-187 2014LM_atmosphere-190 2014LM_atmosphere-194


View Imagery from the 24Hr Race here:



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